DaytoDay Health partners with Heal Foundation to launch patient management programme

The free programne is all set to revolutionise home management of COVID-19 patients

Dr. Swadeep Srivastava
Dr. Swadeep Srivastava

Massachusetts-based DaytoDay Health has partnered with Heal Foundation to deliver first-ever home patient management programme for the COVID-19 patients in India for free. The programme is a comprehensive digital-first care management programme that enables patients to be safely, effectively, and affordably managed at their homes. The post-diagnosis care management programme for COVID-19 is applicable for patients who have either a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19, and are not critical, i.e. requiring ICU-level care.

Speaking about the partnership Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder, Heal Foundation, said, “World is going through the crisis of the century. In these gloomy times, we all need to come together to fight the situation.  The healthcare system in India is not well equipped to handle community infection and facts such as only 1 doctor per 1800 population, only 1.7 nurses available per thousand population, only 0.9 hospital beds per 1000 population, mere 100,000 ICU beds and 40,000 ventilators can vouch for it. Therefore, it becomes essential to prevent the community transmission of COVID 19 and manage maximum patients at home to relieve the burden on the healthcare system and preventing cross infections.”

Rajiv Misra, SVP India operation, DaytoDay Health, said, “Public Health England has categorised COVID-19 patients into 3 categories: Category 1 - Require immediate admission, Category 2 - Home isolation with active health monitoring, Category 3 - Home isolation with health advice. Only 5 percent of the patients fall into the first category. Remaining 95 percent can be managed from home. However, Home isolation is stressful and can lead to patients not following, breaking the isolation, and seeking healthcare outside thus putting both healthcare workers and the elderly population at risk.

Prem Sharma, CEO, DaytoDay Health, said, “We have joined hands with Heal Foundation for the noble cause of fighting against COVID-19. Both Heal Foundation and DaytoDay were working toward similar goals and hence we decided to join forces. People can reach us through our direct websites or logon to our joint website Our COVID-19 Care Management Programme has been designed keeping our global care management program as its core. The programme can help in managing category 2 and category 3 patients effectively and play an important role in preventing community transmission of COVID-19.”