India’s Covid-19 tally is at 10,541, Lockdown is extended till May 3

In a televised address to the nation, Modi said detailed guidelines will be brought out on Wednesday

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi  today announced that the nationwide lockdown will be extended till May 3 in order to prevent spread of coronavirus. The total number of confirmed corona cases in India has reached 10,541, and fatalities 358. Globally, 119,732 people have died from Covid-19 and confirmed infections have reached 1,926,305

In a televised address to the nation, Modi said detailed guidelines will be brought out on Wednesday to ensure that outbreak is contained. Some relaxations may be allowed after April 20 in places where there are no hotspots, he added.

He requested people to continue maintaining vigil and to adhere to social distancing during this lockdown. 
Prime Minister also suggested that those areas which are of low risk may be permitted to open up for certain specific activities from 20th April 2020.
PM said, “Until 20th April, every town, every police station, every district, every state will be evaluated on how much the lockdown is being followed. Areas that succeed in this litmus test, those which will not be in the hot-spot category, and will have less likelihood to turn into a hot-spot maybe allowed to open up select necessary activities from 20thApril”. 
“However, permissions will be withdrawn immediately if lockdown rules are broken, and if there is threat of spread of Coronavirus” he cautioned. 

A detailed guidelines will be issued by the Government tomorrow in this regard. The Easing of restrictions in the low risk areas is being done keeping in mind the difficulties being faced by the poor and daily wage earners, he said. “Those who earn daily, make ends meet with daily income, they are my family. One of my top-most priorities is to reduce the difficulties in their lives. The government has made every possible effort to help them through Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Yojna. Their interests have also been taken care of while making the new guidelines” he said.

Paying tributes to Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, on his birth anniversary today, the Prime Minister said, “I am well aware of the problems you have faced -some for food, some for movement from place to place, and others for staying away from homes and families. However, for the sake of your country, you are fulfilling your duties like a disciplined soldier. This is the power of ‘We, the People of India’ that our constitution talks about.”

Prime Minister mentioned that India had been pro-active even before a single case of COVID -19 surfaced in the country. He said, the screening of the international passengers, 14 day mandatory isolation of the international travellers, shutting of malls, clubs, gyms were taken at very early stages. Prime Minister said India also proactively went into a nation wide lock down which was ending on the 14th April.

Compared to other Covid affected World’s big & powerful countries, he said, India is in a very well managed situation.
“A month, month and a half ago, several countries had been at par with India in terms of Corona infection. But today, Corona cases in those countries are 25 to 30 times than that of India. Thousands of people have tragically died in those countries. Had India not adopted a holistic and integrated approach, taking quick and decisive action; the situation in India today would have been completely different," he said.

Modi said India has benefitted from Lockdown. He said notwithstanding the economic travails being faced, it is clearly the correct path as it protected so many lives in the country.