Medeor Hospital Manesar treats 150 COVID-19 patients in a month

The hospital has successfully treated and discharged 78 patients till date

Medeor Hospital, COVID-19, COVID-19 hospital

Medeor Hospital Manesar, a dedicated facility for Covid-19 treatment, has reached a major milestone of treating more than 150 patients in a span of just 30 days since its conversion as Covid-19 hospital on 11th May 2020.

The hospital has successfully treated and discharged 78 patients till date. The COVID patients admitted belong to the age-range of 25 to 85 years including those who are severely ill. Around 50-60% of the patients with moderate severity have shown a requirement of oxygen support but are recuperating well.

Commenting on the current situation, Dr Tamorish Kole, Medical Director, Medeor Hospital, Manesar said, “Most of the Covid positive patients with comorbidities like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Chronic Kidney disease and Respiratory Disease etc. require round-the-clock care. By regular counselling and compassionate care, our doctors and medical staff have been able to bring comfort to the patients who come to us in a panic state.  We are committed to treat all the patients being referred to our facility and are totally aligned with the nation’s aim of providing appropriate care to all patients.”

He further added, “In managing of COVID-19 pandemic, a multidisciplinary approach between specialists, real-time connect between the hospital team, the referral hospital teams along with local authorities is of paramount importance to provide optimal care. We truly appreciate all the efforts of various local authorities, corporate leaders and partner hospitals for their support without which it would not have been possible to deliver treatment of Covid-19 at a large scale.”

The hospital presently has a capacity enhanced up to 120 beds in the facility and have around 72 active Covid positive patients. To ensure the safety of the medical staff, stay arrangements have been done at a hotel just opposite to Medeor Hospital, Manesar.