Indian Ayurveda fraternity on a fast track to adopt integrated technology and digitisation

Technology is instrumental in delivery of Ayurvedic healthcare services, standardization, drug control and quality control

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The third edition of Oja Festival, India’s premier festival for Ayurveda, was organisedby NirogStreet (India's first technology-led Ayurveda platform) in association with Ministry of AYUSH (Government of India) and co-organised by CSIR-IIM Technology Business Incubator in Delhi today. The event witnessed participation from the Indian Ayurvedic fraternity in full strength. Renowned Ayurvedic experts, researchers and practitioners voiced their opinion on critical issues in relation with Ayurveda and its relevance in the modern healthcare system. Oja Festival was a powerhouse of discussion on use of Technology in Ayurveda, Medicinal Cannabis in India Story, Emerging Career opportunities for Students and Doctors, How Ayurveda can cure day to day lifestyle disorders? And the future of Pain Management.

Addressing the need for widespread digitisation in Ayurveda healthcare Dr. Leena Chhatre, OSD-AYUSH Grid, Ministry of AYUSH (Government of India), said “The e-Government and digitization policy of the government advocates that all citizen centric services should be made available in a digitised form. AYUSH Grid has been formed by Ministry of AYUSH to concentrate on this aspect, especially digitisation in Ayurvedic healthcare system. Digitisation is very important for brining transparency, standardisation, drug control, quality control, decision support and continuity of care.”

Director NABH, Dr. Gayatri Mahindroo said, ”Technology led practice and NirogStreet certification is the way forward for Ayurveda doctors to deliver better healthcare at their clinics. It is important that doctors follow standards and maintain patient records for future references and diagnosis.”  
Talking about the initiative, Mr. Ram N. Kumar, Founder said, “It is the right time for us to digitally enable Ayurveda knowledge access and present it to the world. The use of technology can greatly help in weeding out the problem of quackery and fake medicine. By capacity building, Ayurveda can be used to change the face of modern healthcare as we know it. Oja Festival is our initiative to celebrate Ayurveda and to promote this most effective yet nature friendly method of treatment among masses so as to make it first call of treatment worldwide. With this unique platform we are making an effort to create a collaborative and integrated Ayurvedic ecosystem.”
He added, “With we are striving to bridge this gap by certifying pure Ayurveda doctors and getting all of them available on one platform. Here they can be reached out to for consultation, treatment and knowledge sharing. This dream would be incomplete without building the right technology platforms.”