Jaslok to conduct INFECON

INFECON aims to showcase the critical role played by the Department of Infectious Diseases in the treatment of patients and their speedy recovery

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Mumbai’s Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has curated an industry symposium, INFECON - a pioneering initiative wherein stalwart doctors and medical practitioners from reputed hospitals across the city, will talk about perils of infectious diseases and the best practices undertaken at hospitals to control the spread of infection.

INFECON aims to showcase the critical role played by the Department of Infectious Diseases in the treatment of a patients and their speedy recovery. We have expert doctors from various departments, who will present their case studies and insights on infection outbreak containment, followed by panel discussions to deliberate on new trends in this space, looking at it from the lens of global perspective.

The sessions will cover critical subjects like:
•          Infectious Outbreaks in Ophthalmology
•          Hospital based outbreaks
•          Infectious outbreaks in Dialysis Unit
•          ICU outbreaks
•          Global perspectives on outbreak containment
•          Viral Outbreaks in the community
•          What’s new in molecular diagnostics?
•          Fungal infections and urbanization

Dr Om Shrivastav, Director, Department of Infectious Diseases, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Dr Phiroze Patel, Director, Ophthalmology, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Dr Camilla Rodrigues, Consultant Microbiologist & Chair Infection Control, Hinduja Hospital, Dr Abdul Ansari, Director, Critical Care, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, amongst many other stalwarts are key speakers at the event.

The two day event, organised by the Department of Infectious Diseases at Jaslok Hospital, will provide enumerable data led insights and interesting case studies related to infectious outbreak containment, which is very critical, for any hospital but even more for safeguarding the community healthcare, at large.