Dr Arvind Lal is the keynote speaker at 7th Smart Healthcare India Summit

The summit is being held on 4th December at Shangri-La, New Delhi

7th Smart Healthcare India Summit, CXOs, New Delhi, Dr Arvind Lal, Panel discussion

The 7th Smart Healthcare India Summit, with the theme ‘Delivering the future of healthcare: Smart and Sustainable’ is being held on 4th December at Shangri-La, New Delhi.   Dr Arvind Lal, Chair, FICCI Health Services Committee and CMD, Dr. Lal PathLabs, is delivering the keynote address.

The first panel discussion is on ‘ Smart and Connected Care: The Future of Healthcare in India’. This will have topics like :
• Healthcare in India- Current Scenario, E-Solutions in Practices
• How technology can bridge “Low Doctor-to-Patient Ratio”
• Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare
• Creating awareness of practical usxefulness of health information among health policy makers
• Joining the dots on design for health – From homes to hospitals, bodies to minds, things to data
• Role of Emerging Technology for Building Smart Hospitals

The second panel discussion is on Build Smart- Profit by Design
Key Discussions are:
• The growth potential of hospital infrastructure sector in India
• Developing a smart hospital infrastructure capability for future health and wellness
• Leveraging Technology to Provide Superior Healthcare Facilities
• Innovative design vs cost: Individuals role and how it brought value to your facility
• Sustainable solution: Modernizing patient units for flexibility, functionality, and patient experience
• Designing health systems to respond to the challenges of person-centred care
• Hospital as part of a sustainable system: Envisioning the future of health networks
• How wellness is changing the Design and Operations Process.
The third panel discussion is on  Technology for Impact: Solving India’s Last Mile Healthcare Challenge
Key Discussion:
• The role of technology in revolutionizing the healthcare and medical industry in India
• Clinical Decision Support Systems for the practice of evidence-based medicine
• How Health IT is revolutionizing the way we treat patients
• How to bridge the healthcare digital divide: Challenges and solutions
• Transforming healthcare limitation with technology like AR, VR, AI and Machining Learning.
• How EHRs and EMRs helps in facilitating communications between clinicians
• Healthcare analytics - Roadmap for success?
• E-Health and Telemedicine initiatives in India
• Cloud initiatives and benefits
• Blockchain: Bulls Eyes for healthcare Interoperability