‘Research To Reality’- Theme of IRIA2020 73rd Annual Conference of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association (IRIA) is being held from 23rd to 26th January, at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar

Dr. Hemant Patel, organising secretary, IRIA 2020, shares important details about the conference:

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What’s the theme of IRIA 2020?
This year’s theme is ‘ Research To Reality ‘ – keeping in mind the mission of promoting excellence in patient care and health care delivery through education, research and technological innovation.

Is it the first time that the conference is being in Gandhinagar?
IRIA 2020 conference is being held  for the first time in Gandhinagar at the state -of –the-art , Mahatma Gandhi Convention Centre, which is a gigantic modern building complex complete with the exhibition halls and convention center  equipped with high-tech facilities offering the perfect environments for staging international standard symposiums and conventions.

Which are the sessions that are related to the theme per se?
Scientific programme comprise lectures, panel discussions, case based interactions, live demonstrations, master classes, resident teaching programmes. Sessions will be carried out on neuroimaging, head and neck imaging, USG/ doppler imaging, gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary imaging, breast and women’s imaging, fetal imaging, musckuloskeletal, interventional and onco-imaging, chest imaging, radiology safety and technological advancements. 

What is the USP of IRIA 2020?
Robust scientific programme framed keeping in mind all sub-specialities and modalities of radiology practice and aimed to provide the experts in these sub-specialities to share their experience and impart education is definitely one of the key elements.
Besides that novel sessions that will be introduced for the first time include Armed Force Session to honour our armed force personnel; Yuwa Awaaz – one of a kind platform for the budding radiologists of the country to present various topics and groom them for the future; Radiology Mentorship programme – aimed at providing the newly minted practicing radiologists, a common platform to interact with the global leaders in the field of radiology and explore the prospects of radiology career in these countries; Animal Imaging – focusing on the radiological aspects of veterinary medicine; radiology and life – unique session framed for financial, spiritual and mental well being and focusing on the ‘ mantra’ of striving a balance in professional and personal lives.
Worldwide collaboration is one of the key features of this conference.  Together we aim to form a rich tapestry of shared experiences, friendship and collegiality. It would allow each of us to expand our knowledge and enrich our lives.
There are approx. 330 speakers this year with approx. 50 international speakers. Approximately, 4,500 people are expected to attend the event

Who are the key people behind the show?
The key people behind the show are organising secretaries - Dr Hemant Patel and Dr Asutosh Dave, Organising chairman - Dr Harshad Shah and Dr Dinesh Patel. The scientific sessions are prepared by the scientific committee consisting of Dr Ankur Shah, Dr Neha Shah, Dr Diva Shah, Dr Drushi Patel and Dr Dipal Shah. The scientific paper and posters are managed by Dr Rajendra Solanki and Dr Digish Vaghela.
Besides these, there are a large number of people making the food travel accommodation and entertainment arrangements

How did you plan the event, given your busy schedule? How often did you meet for that?
Behind the successful implementation of such a big event is the vision and a sincere workforce for implementation. Continued discussions for more than a year and exchange of ideas and opinions with my committee helped us to bring forth this mega event into a reality!

Who is inaugurating the event?
The honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat state, Vijaybhai Rupani will inaugurate our 73rd annual conference of IRIA on 24th January 2020.
Our Guest of Honour for the event is Honourable Deputy CM of Gujarat Nitinbhai Patel and Dr Ketan Desai, Past president of World Medical Association.