Radiation oncologists impart knowledge at international conference on hyperthermia

The 11th Biennial Conference Indian Association of Hyperthermia Oncology and Medicine brings in hyperthermia awareness and education to India

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Radiation oncologists across the world today gathered here to impart and share knowledge and expertise at International Conference on hyperthermia hosted by Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital (NSSH), Vile Parle. The 11th Biennial Conference Indian Association of Hyperthermia Oncology and Medicine is aimed at bringing in advanced treatment regimens and hyperthermia awareness to India.

The two-day conference witnessed extensive discussions on interesting themes such as integration of proton therapy and hyperthermia, role of hyperthermia in breast, head and neck and cervical cancer and economics of setting up Hyperthermia centre in India. 

Hyperthermia---also known as thermal therapy, uses high temperatures (up to 113 F) to kill cancer cells within the tissues. Not widely available or known, Hyperthermia is used as an effective tool along with radiation or chemotherapy to treat cancer. 

Dr Nagraj G Huilgol, Chief Radiation Oncologist, Nanavati Hospital and Convenor of the Conference who pioneered one of the first hyperthermia units in Mumbai, said India—being the cradle for therapeutic innovations, has been harnessing heat for treatment of cancer and other disease since ages.

“There is a renewed interest in hyperthermic oncology in India. Availability of technology has stirred the imagination of oncologists. This conference will showcase the work done so far in India, both from bench and clinics. Experts from overseas would also share their clinical trials and knowledge, while creating consortiums for further research and innovations,” said Dr Huigol.

According to experts, globally, chemo-radiation has emerged as the standard of care in locally advanced oral and hypopharyngeal cancers. Radiation with hyperthermia is an alternative approach in the treatment of cancers with lesser toxicity.

Studies have proven that hyperthermia is a clinical treatment for malignant diseases and the heating is achieved generally by electromagnetic radiation. Radiation oncologists were of the view that in India also hyperthermia could turn out to be among the most powerful anti-cancer weapons. Clinical trials involving hyperthermia and radiation or chemotherapy have been proving very encouraging. However, in India there only a few centres for hyperthermia.