Healthians is celebrating Mother's Month across 35 cities

Healthians has already delivered over 100 surprises to mothers

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This May, Healthians employees in 35 cities have taken it upon themselves to make mothers feel special.

They are offering complimentary support to sons and daughters who don't live with their mothers and want to surprise them or fulfill their wishes through their initiative #HealthiansWaleMaaKoPyaarPahunchaenge.

Users can share their requests and details via call or over WhatsApp on +91 9355146699, and the Healthians team will fulfill their Mother's Day request.

Healthians has already delivered over 100 surprises to mothers and is still doing it because one day per year isn't enough to celebrate Mother's Day.

The initiative made a lot of people happy as they sent their love and wishes to their mothers from far off places. One daughter expressed her joy by saying, "Thank you so so much! She got the chocolates and the greeting card!!! It was a pleasant surprise for her... You made Mother's Day special during the lockdown."

Healthians is currently operating in over 35 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, and is willing to send surprises and wishes to the mothers in all these cities. Let's celebrate mother's day with Healthians.

Healthians operates and manages a network of 16 plus labs and over 650 phlebotomists and has been able to create personalized health profiles of over 7.5 Lakh customers to offer them insights into their historic health data and predictive health trends.