Docquity works with the Indonesian Ministry of Health in recruiting over 800 doctors combat COVID-19

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The need for medical personnel at hospitals all across Indonesia increased rapidly ever since COVID-19 hit Indonesia in March. Docquity -- S.E Asia's largest professional network of doctors, stepped up to this challenge and in partnership with the Ministry of health (MOH) in Indonesia by helping recruitment and training volunteer medical professionals through its extensive series of courses, lectures, webinars and demonstrations done by senior medical experts.

On 19th March, the health ministry partnered with Docquity and inducted Docquity into the Indonesian Telemedical Alliance (Atensi). Working along with MOH and IDI (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia), Docquity has been working with COVID-19 hospitals, to help register and recruit general practioners & specialists from various provinces all across Indonesia to fight the pandemic. Over 800 doctors have registered through Docquity and many of them are currently assigned to the Kemayoran makeshift COVID-19 hospital in Jakarta.

The chairman of PP Perdatin -- Association of Indonesian Anaesthesia & Intensive therapy Doctors, is one of the trainers & senior lecturers conducting the education & development on the Docquity platform, said, "One of the core aspects of the training is to focus on the managing & preventing the worsening of the conditions, especially when the patient is critical. This is important as the doctors will be seeing patients who are already in advanced stages of fallout because of COVID-19".

"The co-operation and the support from MOH and PBIDI has been very impactful to ensure development of capability to manage & support COVID-19 patients. We are holding digital training and practical learning sessions with medical professionals almost 2-3 times every day, so that the volunteering medical professionals can get trained and get updated every single day along with senior doctors updating the community on development of COVID-19 cases," said Amit Vithal, Co-Founder of Docquity.