Faisal Siddiqui takes over as CEO of Meitra Hospital

Prior to this, Faisal was CEO of Continental Hospitals

Faisal Siddiqui, MEITRA Hospital, Continental Hospitals, Parkway Pantai, Healthcare business

Faisal Siddiqui has assumed a new leadership role as CEO of Meitra Hospital, an advanced tertiary care setup, in Calicut. In his new role, he will lead the charge for scaling up the hospital performance to the next level, in line with strategic objectives set out by the Board. He will  also engage with the organisation’s associate firm to grow the healthcare business portfolio in new markets.

Prior to this, Faisal was CEO of Continental Hospitals (under the aegis of Parkway Pantai’s India Division) where he earned kudos for operational transformation and achieving new highs in business performance in turbulent circumstances at that Unit (given the ongoing Board level dispute among the stakeholders). An affable people oriented leader, Faisal has successfully built strong performing teams, led from the front, and is known for his calm demeanour, strong values, astute business acumen, customer focus and drive for excellence in all realms.