Technical nuance of IoMRI

In 2017, NIMHANS commissioned GE Healthcare with building an Intra Operative MRI (IOMRI) facility in South Asia

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Healthcare innovations are transforming patient treatment and addressing complex scenarios using disruptive technologies. For instance, during epilepsy surgery certain lesions cannot be seen under a microscope, that is when an MRI facility in an OT helps neurosurgeons with real-time view of the brain during surgery, resulting in exact diagnosis of tumors and improved accuracy of treatment for patients.

In 2017, NIMHANS commissioned GE Healthcare with building an Intra Operative MRI (IOMRI) facility in South Asia. The turnkey project called for a ground up construction of three operation theatres (OTs) and integration of two of the OTs with the GE 1.5T Widebore MRI in a sterile environment. The OTs were specially designed and equipped with a neuro-navigation system from Brainlab (a third-party software), which allows transfer of images from one equipment to monitors through touch screen panels. This revolutionary technology helped doctors ensure a much safer and efficient procedure, which removes causative tumours and lesions without touching any other part of the brain. Through this, there was a significant drop in the risk involved during procedures.

Technical nuances that IoMRI brought about:
- Neurosurgical procedures now minimize morbidity and increase the extent of tumour removal from critical areas of brain
- Enables surgeons to use neuro-navigation techniques and intra-operative imaging during neurosurgery
- Increases operational efficiency and optimize working costs
- Widens scope of research in neurosurgery

Modern-day neurosurgery has advanced immensely with cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art modalities. GE Healthcare is at the forefront of this innovation as they improve quality of life and create access to advanced healthcare in the country.