Indigenous IR touchless thermal scanner launched

The device detects increased body temperature and disallows the infected person from entering a premise

IR Touchless Thermal Scanner - White
IR Touchless Thermal Scanner - White

NUOS Home Automation has launched India’s first ever IR Touchless Thermal Scanner for Covid19 Safety, an infrared wall-mount thermal touchless detector, for automatically detecting persons with elevated body temperature. As per the Government of India’s SOP for social distancing norms, the thermal scanning of everyone entering and exiting the workplace/establishment is deemed mandatory. The installation of these touchless thermal scanners at the entrances of institutions will play a crucial role in curbing the spread of the deadly virus, by indicating whether a person has fever, one of the symptoms of Covid-19.

As the workflow begins post the lifting of the lockdown, workplaces like institutions, factories, offices, shops are bound to be subjected to an inflow of employees, vendors, customers, labourers, etc. The NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner will not only detect an infected person at the entrance of a premise, but also  restrict their entry through its Relay Output, which is used to control the entire automated door to allow/disallow people based on their health condition.

The conventional IR thermal sensing handheld device (currently being imported from China) is supposed to be held against the forehead of a person and needs manual operation. As the person reading the temperature has to come in close proximity to the scanned person, they could also be at high risk of contracting the virus. The NUOS IR Touchless Thermal Scanner, once installed at the entrance or outside the door, uses an IR thermal sensor to detect the body temperature of a person.

When a person walks in front of the scanner, the scanner need not touch the person and would be automatically detected by the infrared thermal sensing, if standing within 10 cm of the scanner with its in-built distance sensor. If the detected body temperature is within the normal body temperature range of 33°C to 37°C, then the buzzer beeps once. If the temperature is elevated and between 37°C to 41°C, the device beeps the buzzer for 3 secs, as well as actuates the output relay 3 times which could be connected to a hooter/doorbell/automated door system, alarming the user of a sick person outside. If the temperature is below 33°C or above 41°C, then the scanner output remains inactive.

“We foresee that post the lockdown, fear of contracting Covid-19 may persist amongst citizens, as there will be free movement of people and goods. With so much fear amidst everyone about the threat of the spread of the virus, we identified the need for a touchless device, which would help people feel secure, as they work or stay indoors in their offices, workplaces or homes. With the launch of this product, we look forward to contributing our knowledge and expertise as an automation company, towards the eradication of the Pandemic from India,” says Neil Savant, Founder, CEO & Managing Director, NUOS Home Automation.