Tulips accelerates production of COVID-19 swabs

Accelerated testing key to overcome the novel coronavirus global pandemic

Tulips, COVID swabs, ICMR, National Institute of Virology, COVID-19 diagnostics test kit, Rahul Jain

With COVID-19 cases rising fast, Tulips, Asia’s leading personal hygiene consumer care product innovator, has announced that it is accelerating production of special, affordable ICMR and NIV approved swabs to help overcome the world’s shortage of test kits. Test kit swabs are one of many medical and personal protection equipment in short supply globally.

While Tulips has already supplied more than 10 million affordable swabs to major VTM kit producers present throughout India within a month, it is now keen to meet the global demand.

Accelerating testing is an integral part of the response mechanism to combat COVID-19. For instance, the US has recently accelerated production of tests as labs process as many as 4,50,000 tests a day.

The intent of Tulips is to fulfil the critical national demand in nasal and throat swabs, a key component in fighting COVID-19 war and rely less on supplies from other countries, in these testing times. With rising number of COVID-19 cases, the company shifted focus to affordable swabs, as domestically produced swabs would cost one-tenth the imported swabs.

“Shortage of key kits hurt COVID-19 diagnosis. And, enhanced testing is the only way out to tackle the novel coronavirus global pandemic till a cure or a vaccine is found. Tulips understands this well and is trying to ensure that it supplies Swabs to other countries in Asia & Africa as well. The situation also demands more innovation for finding faster and cheaper testing methods, to scale up the testing in our country. As swabs are going to be an integral part of any COVID-19 diagnostics test kit, we are willing to collaborate and partner with any Indian company, institute or innovators doing research on making the tests faster, cheaper, and may need to have special swabs developed,” said Rahul Jain, Partner, Tulips.

With a footprint across the world, Tulips products are exported to more than 15, quality-discerning, nations.