Mitsubishi Electric’s automation solutions for combating COVID-19

The integrated controller and display help in maintaining the compactness of the ventilator, says Atul Patil

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As the COVID-2019 pandemic continues, the automation sectors in the country have taken charge and are at the forefront in helping the healthcare ecosystem to come up with unique propositions to solve medical and safety challenges. Joining these forces against COVID-2019, the electrical and electronic equipment giant - Mitsubishi Electric has come up with a slew of measures that can come in handy during these difficult times.

The recent pandemic has thrown up various challenges. To provide efficient care to critical patients, ventilator manufacturing is need of the hour. With features like easy monitoring with built-in graphical display, recipe handling function, customised mylar with built in “i-Keys”, annunciator with three different conditions, Graphic Operation Controller (GOC) can be effectively used to automate a manual ventilator, and control various parameters like air pumped to the lungs along with option for selecting 10% to 100% pressure operation in the healthcare industry. GOC, designed, developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric India’s Factory Automation and Industrial Division, addresses typical needs of the customers, and meets the optimal automation needs of the market.

The integrated controller and display help in maintaining the compactness of the ventilator. Display of GOC has proven very helpful to indicate the Inspiration/ Expiration ratio, volume of oxygen pumped etc., among other parameters. Another feature - the “i-Keys” allow for easy selection of operation.

Some of the wining points of this machine include –
• Easy monitoring with built-in graphical display
• Recipe handling function
• Customised Mylar with built-in “i-Keys”
• Annunciator with three different conditions

It should be noted that automated ventilator operations, enabled by GOC have been tested successfully at Government facilities, thus contributing in India’s fight against COVID-2019.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation team globally wanted to contribute towards helping society to overcome the current challenges during pandemic conditions. Therefore, our factory staff and several groups have come together to create a library of basic programmes, function blocks and servo set-ups as sample programmes, that can be used, copied or adapted to help make a functioning control system for a “disposable face mask”production machine.

The application package is derived from iQ Monozukuri Facemask. It correlates with e-F@ctory and establishes itself as the foundation of Smart Manufacturing. Bringing together methods for higher productivity and quality, and ideas for easier system configuration, thereby giving optimal solutions for each process, application and machine.  Face masks are now a symbol of the pandemic era – a visual metaphor for the tiny, unseen viral foe that could be lurking around at any corner.

While a few months ago anyone wearing a mask in public would have drawn stares in many countries unused to this behaviour, they are now a reminder of the strange times we live in. And as governments around the world start to ease their lockdowns to allow their citizens out to mingle in the wider world again, growing numbers of people are opting to wear face masks in public.

The winning points for Mitsubishi Electric’s disposable face mask software include –Powerful Q – Series Platform, Force clutch-off mark detection function, Easy User defined automatic CAM generation, Smooth CAM curve for vibration free operation and Switch position to speed with sensor during operation.

Overall, Mitsubishi Electric is hopeful that it will continue to support the society with advanced technology in the times of coronavirus outbreak.

Atul Patil is Asst. General Manager, Marketing Department, Factory Automation & Industrial Division of Mitsubishi Electric India.