OMRON launches cost effective, all-age-group compatible nebulizer

This would address respiratory conditions

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Continuously innovating in the area of respiratory medication delivery, OMRON Healthcare, the leading Japanese player in the home healthcare monitoring segment today announced addition of a new entrant to their compressor nebulizer portfolio - OMRON NE C106.

A nebulizer is one of the very useful devices for ensuring the right drug delivery at the right location in the respiratory tract. With a nebulizer, a patient can mix different medications as prescribed by the doctor and a single device can be used to treat the upper as well as lower airways.

In India, the usage of nebulizer is still in the nascent stage. People still consider using it themselves cumbersome and many still don’t understand its utility.

OMRON NE C106 addresses all these issues by maximizing ease of use, affordability, suitability for all members of a family and durability while ensuring quick & efficient delivery of the drug.
Other notable features that make it score well above the rest in its category are:
• Optimal particle size of the drug delivery, no wastage
• Complete accessories - a mask for adults and children, and a mouthpiece for those who can coordinate their breathing.
• Easy to use & clean and change the filter
• Compact, portable with user-friendly ergonomics and cord management

Rohit Saini, GM- Sales & Marketing, OMRON Healthcare India, said, “In the backdrop of COVID, we have resolved to work actively towards bringing medical offerings that help patients stay indoors as much as feasible while accessing world-class healthcare. When nebulized, medication is delivered directly to the respiratory tract, allowing for a high drug concentration & delivery.” Studies have shown that this can lead to better results for diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and even the seasonal flu onset by change of weather, he added.