GeneStore France announces the availability of the world’s most affordable and effective Covid testing kit “GeneStore Detection Expert”

GeneStore is a global leader in the healthcare diagnostic and research sector. Headed out of Provence, France, GeneStore is an enterprise driven genomics company with a global footprint. The company champions leadership towards its goal - “To deliver a high benefit to cost ratio of biological data for effective disease control at a population scale.”

The company offers a range of solutions in the genomics space from R&D contract services for product R&D to end-to-end clinical testing at a population scale. Currently, the company champions the supply of “GeneStore Détection Expert”, a One Step Real Time Reverse Transcription PCR Kit for Qualitative Detection of SARS CoV 2. The “GeneStore Détection Expert” kit is locally produced in both France and India, with raw materials developed in the company's French manufacturing facilities ensuring highest international standards of production. The rRT PCR Kit is also the most affordable test kit globally priced at INR 199. Additionally, the rRT PCR Kit detects SARS CoV2 in 1 hour delivering a 100% accurate result with an exceptional sensitivity and specificity.

The “GeneStore Détection Expert” is used on over 40% of all samples being processed by private diagnostic laboratories in India . The “GeneStore Détection Expert” kit has been granted ICMR approval for the Indian market and a CNR approval for the French market. The Indian manufacturing facilities enjoy a DCGI as well as ISO 13485:2016 certifications for manufacturing in India.

GeneStore is on a global mission to eradicate infectious diseases and is committed to making diagnostic testing affordable by implementing its vision of enabling local manufacturing across emerging and developing markets.

Genestore’s other business verticals include contract services and manufacturing. On the services side, GeneStore offers two major solutions that enable complete integration of genetic data from product development to healthcare delivery.

Genetically Personalised ® and Genetically Validated ® are offered at an enterprise level to healthcare/wellness and pharmaceutical/dermocosmetic organisations, respectively.

Genetically Personalised ®  serves to build regional health and wellness ecosystems that enable both healthcare providers and consumers to access personalised care, wellness services and retail, from the context of their unique genetic requirements. This is accomplished by enabling affordable generation of genetic data on a population scale, as well as integration and delivery of A.I. enabled tools to both professionals and consumers.

Genetically Validated ® is a genomic data driven enterprise tool for R&D departments of pharmaceutical/biotechnology/dermocosmetic companies that enables high-throughput screening of compounds for assessments into mechanism of action and  application repurposing using GeneStore’s proprietary cell models and gene expression panels.

The manufacturing divisions of the company focus on Diagnostic Test Kits and the development and manufacturing of various enzymes within the space of molecular biology.
Since its inception, GeneStore has screened over 600,000 individuals across 10 countries and now owns and operates 4 state of the art laboratories across Europe (Gemenos, France), South Asia (Delhi-NCR, India), Middle - East (Dubai, UAE) and Latin America (Montevideo, Uruguay). The company also enjoys 13485 accreditations for its manufacturing facilities. The Companies Indian Manufacturing Facility is presently equipped to manufacture 2 million diagnostic RT PCR test kits for COVID 19 per month.
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