From a defunct mall to an MCH facility

The overall design concept for Apollo Cradle Hospital, Amritsar was to create a colourful and comfortable oasis of mother and child care

Apollo Cradle Hospital, Amritar, MCH, OPD, Patient room

Apollo Cradle Hospital, designed by Intrigue Designs, has become one of the leading Mother and Child Hospitals of Amritsar within a short span of time. This hospital is an example of successful re-adaptive use of defunct mall into the current setup. Erstwhile the building was designed to incorporate a mall and hotel together. The decision to convert the two storey mall into a hospital came later after the entire building had been completed. This space was never meant to be a hospital and therefore, the biggest challenge here was to adopt the existing structural grid of the mall and customise the spaces, introduce services and medical technology suitable to achieve the required bed counts, OT complex and neo-natal care.

The overall design concept was to create a 'colorful and comfortable oasis of mother and child care' within the city centre. Says Nehit Vij, Principal Architect & Partner, Intrigue Designs, “The aim was to provide a functional, aesthetically pleasing and restful environment. A beautiful and positive surrounding supports the healing process of the patients. It alleviates the spirit of visitors and well wishers and creates an amiable working environment for all.”

The archaic notions associated with hospitals were redefined to create this iconic landmark. Stunning view of the entrance lobby, colorful pathways, sculptures and wall mural guide the way to various in-house facilities. These elements add an aesthetic and uplifting touch to the atmosphere.

Childbirth is a time of hope, joy and excitement all at once. “The planning, design and final architectural expression reflect these sentiments along with signature elements associated with the Apollo Cradle brand. The client requirement to induce a personal and high end ambience called for an alternate approach to  the design and execution process,” says Vij.

Zoning and circulation is of prime importance for any hospital - the flow of patients and consultants, the flow of medical supplies, waste disposal, emergency entrances and safety. The mall and hotel access are on the opposite sides of the building, within the 10 storey structure.

Says Devyani Gupta, Principal Architect & Partner, Intrigue Designs, “The approach to the hospital is on the ground floor, entering into the main lobby - OPD, diagnostics and the clinical services, while the first floor is restricted zone with IPD , NICU, PICU and OT Complex. Planning and layout of the hospital was modified to retain maximum number of existing walls and flooring. A clear height of fourteen feet allowed us to create mezzanine service floors above the OT complex.

The external shell of a mall varies greatly from that of a hospital. Several external punctures and treatments were made to introduce maximum natural light  and create a warm, comfortable and joyous environment that is required in a maternity hospital. A major component of this facility is the visual access that it provides to the outside with vistas provided from patient rooms and public spaces including elevators, play rooms , cafe, waiting areas and corridors.

The stark white, bare essentials gives way to splash of bright colours offset by the soft hues. The furniture and fabric has been custom designed for the facility, keeping in mind the comfort of expecting mothers and children. Dedicated kids play area,  themed cafeteria, lamaze rooms, gymnasium are some of the re-creational facilities designed and strategically placed to create an active and dynamic surrounding.

The double height atrium was retained to ensure light not only to the entrance lobby but the IPD zone as well. It welcomes the families into the facilities and is illuminated with soft lights. The kaleidoscopic interiors with natural light in the IPD  ensure a bright and cheery walk emulating hope and excitement. On the other hand the earthy hues ,wooden furniture and uniform day-light make the waiting rooms of the OPD and diagnostics comfortable and warm.

Adaptive re-use of the building not only addressed the spatial needs of the hospital but helped conserve natural resources and revitalise the locality. The project highlights the great potential for addressing the spatial expansion needs of healthcare establishments while simultaneously providing dedicated and quality medical environment.

At a glance
Name: Apollo Cradle Hospital, Amritsar
Project Type: Healthcare -Maternity (Women & Child) Hospital + Apollo Clinic
Area: 35,000 square feet (approx)
Client: Apollo Health and Lifestyles Ltd. (AHLL), Apollo Hospitals
Architect's Team: Nehit Vij, Devyani Gupta & G Pokhriyal.
Firm: Intrigue Designs