Academy of Family Physicians of India signs MoU with Practo

This MoU provides for CMEs and training courses to help family physicians of India understand the potential of digital healthcare, latest trends and technologies in this area

Academy of Family Physicians of India, Practo, Digital healthcare platform, Dr Raman Kumar, CMEs

Practo, India’s leading digital healthcare platform has signed a MOU with Academy of Family Physicians India (AFPI), an independent academic discipline and national association of family physicians, to work collaboratively towards greater understanding and adoption of digital healthcare technology. Practo will serve as AFPI's digital healthcare partner and together the two institutions will work on the areas of continuous learning and development in digital healthcare for all physicians associated with AFPI.

There are a host of activities lined up as part of this MOU. Together, the two institutions will focus on conducting workshops with participation from key members of the AFPI to help spread awareness and update association members on latest trends in technology that can help them provide better care to patients. As part of the collaboration, AFPI members will not only dive deep into Practo’s industry-leading technological expertise in the healthcare domain, but will also understand the nuances of managing and securely storing all health data. Practo encrypts all data with 256-bit encryption (many banks use just 128-bit), uses HIPAA compliant data centres, and is one of the few healthcare companies to be ISO 27001 certified.

AFPI is actively transforming the healthcare delivery system in India through enhanced level of community-based high quality services. The academy currently has a membership base across India and a chapter in almost every state. The members include family medicine specialists, practising family physicians, general practitioners, medical officers who provide generalist medical care across all age groups, genders and organ system.

Dr Raman Kumar, President, Academy of Family Physicians India (AFPI), said, “Practice management in India today is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Without the tools and services enabled by technology, it is very difficult for both patients and doctors to access quality care and manage relationships. As the domain leader in healthcare, Practo can help sharpen our technological capabilities to reach and serve patients much more efficiently.”