Interactive AI-powered app for diabetes launched in India

The first-of-its-kind app, called eddii, gamifies health tracking and management and uses machine learning to engage in conversation with users

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Boring journals, dry facts, and clunky data-collecting apps make managing diabetes a chore which stands in the way of patients successfully managing their condition. The eddii virtual health buddy app, launched in India in the run up to the World Diabetes Day, solves that problem by gamifying health tracking and management.

“While there have been significant advancements in diabetes treatment that make it easier to control, lifestyle-choice tracking has been slow in many regards, focusing primarily on presenting data rather than engaging the user and teaching them how to take charge of their health,” said eddii Founder and CEO Farhaneh Ahmadi. “The team of scientists, artists and engineers at eddii created a solution that allows people to take charge of their relationship with chronic illness.”

eddii is an AI-powered virtual character who guides users on a digital adventure. The whimsical cartoon leaf uses stories, jokes and games to encourage people to input data like carb counts, insulin usage, exercise notes and mood. Advanced technology allows the chatbot to examine that data and identify patterns. For example, some people will discover that within hours of eating a certain food, their mood shifts. “Once people can identify patterns that impact their physical and emotional health, they are empowered to make positive changes. eddii cheers them along every step of the way,” said Ahmadi.

One of eddii’s most popular features is its ability to engage in conversation. Some of the conversations are silly and entertaining. Others offer vital health benefits. The eddii interactive health buddy team worked with a psychologist to build techniques common in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into the app. That means eddii can recognize unhealthy patterns and help you change them. “This is so much more than a journal or tracking app,” noted Ahmadi. “We are harnessing the power of machine learning to really make a difference in people’s lives. We believe that taking care of yourself should be fun and engaging, not burdensome and demanding.”