Jindal Naturecure Institute launches health app

Treatment updates and features to track your health fitness

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Jindal Naturecure Institute, one of the premier naturopathy hospitals in India launched India’s first Naturopathy Health app for its patients. The idea of launching a mobile app sparked during the launch event of the Fit India movement. With inspiration from this national movement to make India healthy, the institute built its app to take nature’s healing science to the mobile population.

‘With the increasing human dependence on electronic gadgets, there has been an increase in lifestyle diseases. We thought of using that as a medium to reach those people and let them know the healing power of nature through Naturopathy. We treat as many as 15,000 patients every year for a variety of diseases, with this app; we want to allow easy access to the age-old naturopathy treatments and the benefits of yoga to fight non-communicable chronic diseasese,” says Dr Babina NM – Jt. Chief Medical Officer, Jindal Naturecure Institute.

The mobile app with over 1000 downloads in a few weeks is available for free on iOS and Play store.  Unregistered users can browse through the naturopathy services, its benefits and know about Naturopathy tips. A registered user can submit an application for treatment and easily manage it with a few clicks. For inpatients, the app allows viewing upcoming appointments & schedules, in-campus activities, monitoring diet plan, etc. With a belief to make patient treatment and stay smooth, the institute has introduced on the go feedback system within the mobile app and an in detail view of the 120-acre campus through its map.

‘This is our first step towards reducing the usage of paper and supporting digital India. We are also reviewing giving up single-use plastic to make a greater contribution towards building a sustainable environment’ says KR Raghunath, Sr. Chairman, Jindal Naturecure Institute.

One of the most important features of the first Naturopathy mobile app is the ‘health tracker’. It allows the app to count the user’s steps and translates it to the distance covered and ultimately to calories burned during the day. Interestingly, the institute plans to allow patients to compete with each other using the feature of ‘health tracker’ and declare a winner every day or week. An interesting competitive motivation to stay healthy!

Electronic gadgets that are at the epicenter of lifestyle diseases are not allowed everywhere inside the institute’s campus. Inpatient is allowed to use it within the vicinity of their rooms or only in a few areas inside the campus