How digital healthcare is helping the healthcare industry navigate the COVID-19 crisis

HealthSignz is enabling healthcare providers to take their services digital

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COVID-19 has undoubtedly created a severe strain on healthcare resources across the country. From small nursing homes and clinics to large hospital chains, everyone finds themselves operating at minimal capacity as the focus shifts to the Coronavirus and non-COVID patients are restricted to their homes.

This shift can be seen in the buying behaviour of the sector. Local searches for “Doctor near me” have reduced by 30%, while online consultations have gone up by 200% in the same period. Similarly, online pharmacy sales have skyrocketed and there’s been a 500% rise in the online sales of immunity-related products like masks and sanitizers. There’s also been a clear shift towards teleconsultations and home sample collections for lab tests.

In many ways, the health-tech sector is finally coming into its own during this time of unprecedented crisis when offline players are struggling with reduced footfalls and service fulfilment issues. However, what’s been missing in the health-tech ecosystem so far is a comprehensive player that can bring the entire gamut of health services online.

Says Hanumantha Rao.Ch Co-founder & CEO, HealthSignz, ".That’s where health-tech platform like HealthSignz comes in. Being a B2B platform, it’s one of the very few health tech companies that is enabling all healthcare institutions — from hospitals to clinics to pharmacies to diagnostic labs — to go digital. This is allowing these institutions to service not just their existing base of patients (who are now restricted to their homes) but also to reach an all-new set of consumers who are now looking for digital healthcare options."

HealthSignz enables the entire suite of digital health services — from tele consults, e-pharmacy, and e-diagnostics to health products sales, AI-enabled digital prescriptions, clinic apps, health screening, corporate care, community care, and so on. In fact, hospitals and other healthcare institutions can have their own branded apps through which their patients can take care of all their healthcare needs — from PHR/EMR to health locker, fitness plans, calendars, medicine refills, and emergency care among others. In short, HealthSignz is enabling healthcare providers to take all their services digital.

The other big advantage of using the HealthSignz platform is that it’s a white-label solution as opposed to being an aggregator. So hospitals, clinics, labs etc are able to leverage their own brand and loyal patient base to create a digital asset that will last them for several years.