5 crore Indians accessed healthcare online in the last three months

There was a 500% increase in online doctor consultations since March 2020

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Practo’s Insights Report has found that telemedicine helped doctors, patients stay connected as people practiced physical/social distancing.  The report is based on transactions by 5 crore users in the period of Mar 1 2020 - May 31st 2020.  Gynaecology, GP and Dermatology emerged as the top most consulted specialities: Together, they accounted for 51% of the overall consultations. Tele-ENT witnessed 600% growth, and seasonal allergies were confused with  COVID-19 symptoms.  Tele-Orthopedics was among the top consulted speciality by millenials as bad work postures resulted in back pain among millennials leading to an increase of 400%.

Tele-gastroenterology received a large number of consults from first time users as majority of the consults were related to digestive problems caused by a sudden drop in active lifestyles.  Tele-dermatology witnessed a growth in newer set of queries on skin issues caused by stress as it has been having an adverse effect on people’s skin, hair, nails apart from the regular issues that are common during summer. Tele-ophthalmology saw the highest growth among other specialities, grew by 700%. With a significant amount of time being spent in front of screens and the rise in irregular sleeping patterns, queries related to eye and vision increased significantly. Mental health concerns rose notably due to uncertainty, loss of income, and   job-related pressure besides COVID-19 fears

COVID-19 continues to be India’s top most concern. Unsurprisingly, concerns related to COVID-19 grew by 200% with 50% of all  GP consults accounted for Coronavirus related symptoms

“Telehealth has multiple applications, optimal care and virtual care is possible and extremely helpful in a pandemic scenario like COVID-19. It uses high definition transmission and clarity to provide rapid, accurate and real time consultation from professionals with expertise. Healthcare professionals can evaluate, diagnose and treat in a seamless environment. Patients are proactively using healthcare to manage their health and telehealth is a great alternative and has the potential to reach exponential levels,” Dr C M A Belliappa, General Physician, Bangalore.